Guardian Program

We value our dog’s quality of life and as our kennel grows our unique ‘Guardian Program’ provides a forever home for our current and future breeding dogs while allowing us to retain breeding rights for a set amount of time.  To ensure our dogs receive the care and personal attention they require to help them lead a full life we only keep a few of our breeding dogs with us and rely on ‘Guardian Owners’ who are forever home dog owners within our Guardian Program to provide a safe, loving environment for them when they are not being bred.  Guardian owners will receive either an adult dog or a puppy chosen for qualities we look for in our breeding program.

We retain the rights for breeding females within the program for 4 litters or approximately 3-4 years while males in the program are retained as sires for approximately 8 years.  Females stay with us for 1 week during breeding and then return to us one week prior to the expected due date.  She stays with us from then until the puppies are weaned which is normally 8 weeks (or until the puppies are ready to go) and then returns home to you.  During her stay with us, you are welcome to come and visit your dog and interact with her and the puppies.  Once the Guardian dog has completed their breeding career, the dog will be spayed or neutered at the expense of Legacy Kennels and then remain with you as their Forever Home Owner.Guardian Owners are responsible for maintaining the health of their dog which includes, but is not limited to, providing quality dog food, routine vaccinations and exams, a safe environment, socialization and training along with lots of attention and love.  Legacy Kennels will be responsible for all genetic health testing, and breeding related costs.  Guardian Owners must meet further specific requirements noted below:

  • For a female dog – live within a 1 hour drive of Innisfail Alberta

  • For a male dog – live within a 1 hour drive of Innisfail Alberta

  • Own your home and do not plan on moving for a minimum of 3 years

  • Have a fenced yard including a protected area for females in heat

  • Be willing to drive for breeding purposes

  • Provide premium quality dog food

  • Have prior experience owning, raising and training a dog

  • Learn the signs of a dogs heat cycle beginning and be actively involved in communicating, cooperating and coordinating with us to ensure a successful breeding

  • Provide socialization, training, veterinary care and love needed for a well-rounded dog

  • Be ready and willing to protect a male from any chance of breeding an outside female

  • Be comfortable with an in-tact males ‘macho’ behavior and know how to work with him

  • Agree to adhere to scheduled site visits

If you are interested in becoming a Guardian Owner and meet the qualifications noted above, please apply now or contact us to schedule an interview.