Litter ‘B’
The puppies have arrived! 5 males and 4 females were born all strong and healthy.SOME ARE STILL LOOKING TO FIND THEIR FOREVER HOMES

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Puppies are now 3 weeks old

Which Bernedoodle puppy will you choose

Enjoying the sun

All the siblings

Black bicolor Bernedoodle

Brown Bernedoodles

Puppies with mom

All the brothers and sisters

Bernedoodle puppies snuggling

Puppies love to snuggle

Only a day old

Only a day old

SHEBA – the mom

CASH – the dad

Puppy Updates

We love to receive updates on how our puppies are progressing in your home.  Please update us occasionally with photos and news!


Training your new Bernedoodle puppy
Be ready to bring your new Bernedoodle puppy home and keep him well adjusted to his new life by reading through some of our training tips!

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Getting Started With A New Puppy

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